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We are excited to begin our 5th academic term for 2015 and delighted to let you know that our growth is continuing. We are experiencing our greatest student enrollment to date!

I continue to be in awe by our students’ drive and dedication to their education. Joan, an undocumented student from Ghana in the United States, got offered full scholarships to Harvard and Duke. Despite her dreams to pursue higher education, she was incapable of moving forward with her college aspirations due to her illegal status – until she found UoPeople. 

Adapting and responding to strong demand by our students, UoPeople has launched an exciting, new enterprise social network – the “UoPeople Community Network”, on Yammer. We are proud to be making great leaps forward in building our online community, where we are able to bring together our students, academics, supporters and volunteers, to drive participation and strengthen bonds. It is thrilling to see the enthusiasm rising and the interaction building among our students and our online community. 

I was privileged to be a keynote speaker at the eLearning Africa Conference last month in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where I had the distinct pleasure in meeting nine of our local UoPeople students. 

As UoPeople continues to spread far and wide around the world, we continue to be honored to receive support from incredible people, organizations and companies, who join in our mission to opening the gates to higher education globally. If your company is interested in offering an internship program for UoPeople students, please contact us at [email protected] . 

Warm regards, 

Shai Reshef 

University of the People 

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Spotlight on a Student: "UoPeople - the Next Best Thing to Harvard"


Joan Y. A Student at UoPeople Studying Toward a B.S. in Business Administration

At the age of 3, Joan Y. left Ghana with her parents and sister and the family eventually relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina. Joan’s mother and father went back to Ghana when Joan was 15. Wanting a better future for their daughters, they left Joan behind in the Unites States in the care of her then 21 year old sister. “I had to grow up quickly,” says Joan, 23, a UoPeople student today studying toward her B.S. in Business Administration. “It made me an individual and it made me independent.”

Joan was inducted into the national honor society, having graduated at the top of her class in high school. She excelled at running track and got offered full scholarships to Harvard and Duke. It was a dream come true for Joan – but a dream that wasn’t to be. Despite Joan’s college aspirations, due to her illegal status, being undocumented meant she could not get federal aid and was unable to move forward with any of the scholarships she’d worked hard to earn. 

Joan says, “I just want to get my dream of a degree. If Harvard doesn’t want me, then UoPeople is the next best thing. I’m so happy to have been given a second chance.”

Read Joan's full story here.

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Launch of the UoPeople Community Network


UoPeople has taken its online community to a whole new level. The University is proud to have launched an ambitious new enterprise social network to make communications easier across our complex web of students and graduates who hail from over 150 countries, along with numerous supporters and people in active managerial, instructional, volunteer and administrative roles, operating from every corner of the world.

UoPeople’s Community Network took off quickly after its April 2015 launch. In just three months, it has become very lively, with scores of our current students – including staff and volunteers – tapping into the UoPeople Community Network daily from computers or smartphones around the world. More than simply a technology initiative, Yammer is a relationship platform, which welcomes all of our diverse University members to take an active part in listening and contributing to our online global village, by forming and strengthening connections amongst one another.

The network affords the University’s community unlimited ways to tap into shared collective wisdom and provides a great network for growth. We look forward to the network’s continued success.

If you'd like to join the UoPeople Community Network, please contact [email protected] . 

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UoPeople Makes Great Strides in Africa


President Reshef with UoPeople students in Ethiopia, May 2015

Last month, I was a keynote speaker at the eLearning Africa Conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – the continent’s leading conference on ICT supported education and training. It was an exceptional opportunity for me to meet with a group of nine local students currently studying at UoPeople, who, were invited to attend the conference at the African Union Headquarters, where they were able to rub shoulders with a galaxy of education and ICT ministers, officials, advisers and entrepreneurs, and served as wonderful Student Ambassadors for UoPeople.

About one third of UoPeople’s student body comes from African countries. Higher education is booming in Africa, where the numbers of potential students are vastly outpacing currently available facilities, and there is a critical need for smarter online resources to empower young people and provide the engine for continuing economic growth. 

The conference garnered extensive media coverage for UoPeople, including several African news sites plus an interview on national radio.

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UoPeople Internships


 Sandra Szlachtianchyn

“My name is Sandra Szlachtianchyn. I am an Advertising Executive specialized in Strategic Planning. I joined the UoPeople cause three years ago, while working as a Brand Strategist at BAV Consulting. Having had four invaluable internship experiences myself, prior to establishing my career, I'm a huge believer in the learning benefits of applying one’s skills and knowledge to the real world setting.

We recently completed our 3rd successful annual internship session with amazing UoPeople students! During the 20-week program, select business students are introduced to the foundational principles of marketing and advertising. Interns then become on-the-ground informants for the expansion of UoPeople, as they go through the process of developing a marketing plan and creative framework to build brand awareness and equity among peers in their country.

The symbiotic nature of this internship program is what I find to be most rewarding. I learn just as much (if not more) from the students, as they learn from me. They gain marketing acumen from me; I gain a more worldly perspective and enhanced appreciation of culture from them. That’s learning at its finest!"




BAV Consulting has offered ongoing pro-bono services to help UoPeople to assess, position, and grow the brand awareness of UoPeople globally. BAV is the largest study of brands in the world. BAV Consulting is a significant asset for UoPeople and we are grateful for all their assistance.  


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Our mission is yours. Our University is yours. University of the People is here for the people, by the people. Please help us make sure we continue to open the gates to higher education to those needy of scholarships. 


Thank you! 

University of the People