A strong academic foundation is motivated by rightly equipped educators. UoPeople’s staff is built by top industry leaders who have designed our programs, and scholarship grants to fit our students from the classroom all the way to their careers.


UoPeople’s system enables individuals to improve their life with education - our institution is based on a tuition fee waiver. Students only pay assessment fees.  You can also find scholarships offered to our students by requesting more info.

Degree Programs

UoPeople provides an educational route to all its students earning their degree. Take the first step by applying for your university scholarship now and take your career to the next level with a fully accredited degree.

Anytime & Anywhere

Fit education into your life, simply and easily. Access your college scholarship and classroom using an internet connection -you’ll be able to participate in an interactive classroom and utilize all of the provided materials from anywhere, at anytime.

Internships  & Mentorship

UoPeople educators are rightly equipped with real-world experience. Use your academic scholarship to enter your education knowing you’re provided the opportunities and resources to succeed. 


Finding college scholarships can be difficult. UoPeople provides financial aid and scholarships opportunities to all students. Scholarship information is available by requesting more info.

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